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Enter basic information and survey details.

First, enter basic descriptive information about your survey, such as the title and language of the survey. Next, add texts for your respondets, such as the Introduction text, Thank you text, Invitation e-mail, and Reminder e-mail. You can edit all texts later, during the survey creation process.

You can also add some open-ended questions you would like get answers to from your respondents (Example: Which car brand do you drive?; Enter your address so we can send you a gift; etc.). 



Determine Brand Core Elements.

After defining competition, enter tangible and intangible attributes that are associated with your brand and its competitors. Survey template is already prepared for you. Just fill it in with the content that suits you best:

  • Insert attributes. Respondents associate different attributes with brands on the market, e.g. exceptional design; this brand is symbol for comfort; this brand is for women etc. Enter attributes that define brands on your market.
  • Define values. Same as customers, brands as well have their values, such as happy, romantic, reliable etc. Enter values that describe consumers and brands on your market.
  • Determine personality. Choose personalities who represent typical lifestyles of different kinds of customers. These different personalities will be shown on the screen and respondents will associate them to competing brands.



Define your main competitors.

To get the real and complete perception of your brand based on the structure of the market, select the main competitors of your brand. All brands in the survey will be represented by their logos.





Preview your survey.

Congrats! Your study is ready to be sent out. Before you do that, we recommend you to preview your survey and check for possible errors. You'll see exactly what the respondents will see. You can send up to 15 invitations to your colleagues or friends to help you test the survey.

Enter basic information and survey details
Determine Brand Core Elements
Define your main competitors
Preview your survey
Collect data automatically

After you have finished creating your own survey, you can distribute it. Create a database of e -mail addresses of your respondents and send them your survey.


Distribute data using e-mail channel.

Brand Perception Study uses its own distribution system that sends the survey to e-mail addresses of your respondents. All you have to do is:

  • enter all potential respondents e-mails addresses*
  • add the copy for the invitation and reminder e-mails
  • click the "send invitation” button

Than sit back and relax while your survey is sent out automatically.



Wait for answers to come in.

The survey is very interesting, user-friendly and fun to fill in. Respondents have no difficulties in answering the questions and clicking through the survey. They find it interesting and different from all other surveys they have done so far. That’s why response rates are higher.


* If you don't have your own respondent list and/or consumer panel, contact us! We can provide consumer panels for several countries or help you find a specialist panel provider near you.

Distribute data using e-mail channel
Wait for answers to come in
Analyse results in real time

When the responses start coming in, you can begin monitoring the results in real time. After the survey has been completed, you can start analysing the perception of your brand.


Define your brand’s profile.

Brand profile consists of attributes, values and personalities associated with the brand. The Brand Perception Study shows which of the attributes, values and personalities define your brand the strongest, and which attributes, values and personalities are associated with your competitors.

The frequency of associated attributes, values, and personalities of a specific brand is displayed in a descending order. In this way, you can see very clearly the elements that constitute the profile of your brand



Calculate indexes.

Brand Perception Study automatically calculates various indexes that give you a precise comparative insight into the position and strength of surveyed brands:

  • Perception Index reveals which of the surveyed brands have the strongest perception among its consumers. Above average perception is attested to brands whose index is above 100, while brands with an index below 100 are perceived below average.
  • Brand quality reveals how many positive or negative associations are attached to the brand.
  • Brand Core Power indicates how unique the market position of the brand is with regard to attributes, values and personality attached to it.
  • Brand Focus signifies how focused the surveyed brand is. Green numbers indicate a strong and focused set of Brand Core Elements of a researched brand, while red values indicate weak and diluted set of Brand Core Elements.



Brand positioning and additional analyses.

Positioning maps depicting value, attribute, and personality distribution as well as a combined perception map depicting all measured characteristics can be created within the analysis section. A comprehensive analysis of the research data is provided within a detailed report created by our research specialists.

For individual detail analyses, you can export all results to multiple formats (Excel, Access, SPSS, R etc.) and analyse them any way you like.

Define your brand’s profile
Calculate indexes
Brand positioning and additional analyses
Make attractive presentations

Let your presentation be attractive, vivid and clear. Copy key results into your presentation and the Brand Core Elements of yours and competing brands will be presented clearly.


Present the profile of your brand.

Copy the most important characteristics, values and personalities that define your brand profile into your presentation. You will get a clear picture of what your brand means to consumers and what positioning strategies are necessary to strengthen your brand’s position.



Present your competitors’ situation.

It is always necessary to know your competitors. With these results, you will be able to see clearly how consumers see your main competitors in comparison to all other important players on the market.




Compare your brand’s profile with your main competitors.

Compare your brand with your competitors in order to recognize your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This comparison will also give you a possibility to see the uniqueness and quality of your brand’s position.





Calculate key index indicators.

Key indexes allow you an even simpler and quicker quantitative comparison of competing brands. 

Such visual presentation will make your brand strategists, managers, media planners and marketing staff better understand the essence of your brand. Check also some other benefits of the Brand Perception Study.  

Present the profile of your brand
Present your competitors’ situation
Compare your brand’s profile with your main competitors
Calculate key index indicators