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Mitja Tuškej5. 2. 2014

An invaluable treasure for brand managers

The data we can gather very quickly, offer us an invaluable treasure of useful statistical information which is a gateway to assessing the position of our brand in the market, planning the future brand positioning and monitoring the progress of brand management.

The data we collected on the perception of the car market in the past decade and an in-depth analysis of that data has shown that the link between perception of a brand and the sales results is enormous. The power of a brand’s position in the market, quality of the brand’s core, its focus, clearly perceived attributes, values, and personality can clearly illustrate market shares and quantities sold. They are also in strong mutual correlation.

The following graph provides a proof for a strong correlation between brand perception and market share.

  • * MS stand for market share
  • ** BPI stands for brand perception index

Failures in the brand’s management and communication deviations are quickly visible and present also in the perception of the brand. As you can see, when the perception of the brand is weak, the market share declines as well and vice versa. It can be concluded, that perception really is an important indicator of business success and should therefore be measured and managed with a great deal of patience.

How to find out your perceived brand core?

The path is quite simple:

  1. access the internet application,
  2. take your time for entering the data in the application,
  3. find a hundred of willing respondents with their e-mails,
  4. survive a week of monitoring the results (this part is not mandatory, but it is the most exciting part),
  5. use your strategic knowledge for determining the content and refine your ability to draw conclusions based on the results.

There’s nothing we can’t do for you. We did all this over and over again. With great success!

Get started! Just sign in and follow the instructions.

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