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The model of brand perception study

Having in mind all facts on brand perception, presented in the post Band perception became reality, we designed a model to make the estimation of the perception of your brand(s) easier. The model takes into consideration that brand perception exists in the minds of our stakeholders, while it also takes into account that for effective and accurate management, the perceptions of competitors' brands should also be known.

That is why the model of Brand Perception Study is based on the real structure of the market. If we want to take into account the whole structure of the market, the first thing we have to do is carefully define our main competitors. Only after the competition has been defined, the complete analysis of brand perception can be performed. Because the brand is the collection of consumers’ perceptions, the brand perception analysis rests on the tangible and intangible characteristics that consumers assign to competing brands on the market.

The model of Brand perception study

The complete perception of our brand and its competitors is composed of following associations of consumers:

  • attributes: respondents associate attributes with competing brands, e.g. exceptional design, luxurious brand, made to last etc.;
  • values: respondents associate different values with the competing brands, e.g. playful, reliable, young etc.;
  • personality: pictures of different personalities are shown on the screen and respondents associate them with competing brands.

On the basis of these intangible attributes, a clear profile of our brand as well as of competing brands can be estimated.

Three main brand core elements that determine the brand profile

If you want to know more about evaluating brand profile and brand core on the basis of Brand Perception Study, read the post on Brand perception study as the key to brand's core.

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