Understanding your brand’s perception is knowing it's reality. Find out what consumers think about your brand.



The tool is really user friendly. Its use is intuitive, does not require any installations nor complicated instruction manuals.


Create your survey, get some answers and you can already start analysing your data and presenting your findings.


BPS enables a complete and detailed evaluation of your brand’s image and its competitive position on the market.


Specific attributes, values and personalities associated with your brand and its competitors reflect the real and precise market situation. 


Various indexes and detailed evaluations enable execution of key positioning decisions and long term strategic planning.


The survey is a combination of texts and images and is as such interesting to fill in, while it provides you with interesting and valuable data.


You can insert whatever brands and assignments you want, our tool can process loads of input and output data.


The application is reliable, supported by a team of experts who are always there for an answer or an advice.

What it's all about?

It’s about your brand’s perception.

BPS is an efficient online platform for measuring the complete perception of your brand. Using this research tool, you can easily and quickly get data for precise and reliable perception of your brand in relation to your competitors.

How can I get started?

It’s easy. The setup is really simple.

Access the internet application, login and enter attributes, values and personalities that are associated with your brand and its main competitors. Survey template is already prepared for you. Just fill it in with the content that suits you best.

How much work will I have?

Not much. The tool is well optimized.

Enter respondents’ e-mail addresses, write an invitation and a reminder e-mails, and click the “send invitation” button. Then sit back and relax while your survey will be sent out automatically.

What's with the analysis?

You’ll get quick         real-time data.

You can monitor results in real time while the research is still on-going. When the survey has ended, research data is displayed in a user friendly manner to give you a quick overview of the results. You can also export data to multiple formats (excel, access, spss, r) to make further analyses.

Do I get some materials?

You’ll easily make attractive reports.

Your presentation will be attractive, interesting and clear. Simply copy into your presentation the relevant outputs (profiles, indexes, brand core elements) that define each brand and the position of your brand in the competitive market will clearly be seen.