Mitja Tuškej 05. 02. 2014

The data we can gather very quickly, offer us an invaluable treasure of useful statistical information which is a gateway to assessing the position of our brand in the market, planning the future brand positioning and monitoring the progress of...

Mitja Tuškej 30. 01. 2014

Having in mind all facts on brand perception, presented in the post Band perception became reality, we designed a model to make the estimation of the perception of your brand(s) easier. The model takes into consideration that brand perception...

Mitja Tuškej 22. 01. 2014

In the management of brands in today’s circumstances, we can not focus only on the tangible differences between brands. Those differences usually concern only the technological advantages of a brand or products which are nowadays very quickly...

Mitja Tuškej 17. 01. 2014

“Sadly, brand perception became reality”. I borrowed this statement imbued with pain from Mark Selby, Nokia’s Ex-Vice President of Multimedia who was in charge, among other things, of communication with other industries and the academic sphere....

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